Monday, April 16, 2007

Delusions of Grandeur

"Are you hitting on me?" seems to be a recurring theme with you. I'm pretty sure the waiter really just wanted to know if you were ready to order. The streetcar driver simply wanted you to pay your fare. Every time a male says something to you, they are not hitting on you. "Are you hitting on me?" is not a valid response to "Please stop yelling at me ma'am." So, in that same vein, my attacking your grammatical ineptitude while getting in some self deprecating humour is not me hitting on you.

Also, maybe try taking some of the desperation out of your voice when you say it: "Are you hitting on me? Please?"

I'm going to take this moment point out that you misspelled the word "fact" in your last posting, unless you meant to talk about the "face of my statement". Just because the spell checker didn't underline it doesn't mean it's right.

1 comment:

bobbie-sue said...

The irony. You will always insert an error when pointing out someone else's.